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SavvySoap Hand and Brush Cleaner

Invented by Marianne in 1995. Customers say she’s marvelous because she worries about our working hands and tools so we don’t have to. By using this eco-friendly product, you will be helping to save the world – one artist at a time.

Marvelous Marianne’s products are available at your local art supply retailers or check our To Order page for retailer locations.

People Are Always Telling Us New Ways To Use Our Products
  • Artists discovered that SavvySoap, developed to remove grease, ink and paint, is "a fantastic brush cleaner and conditioner."
  • Motorcyclists tried SavvySoap as a laundry pre-spotter. "The best for getting grease out of clothes."
  • A dog lover wrote, "Max loves SavvySoap. It's the perfect anti-flea shampoo and deodorizer, and doesn't dry out his skin."
  • A photo graphics company wrote "SavvySoap is indispensable-it gets the stinky, lingering smell of fixer and developer off my hands."

Keeping the creative process healthy with environmentally-sound products

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